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Why your soulmate is not showing up and how to get them to!

Why your soulmate is not showing up and how to get them to!

It can get lonely, let’s admit it. Being on our own or even being in one unsatisfying relationship after the other. What you really want is to meet someone who you gel with who gets you, they get your quirks your personality they get the essence of who you are and you get them. Your emotionally connected you dig each other’s vibe.

They are your soulmate.

So you have read and watched the secret you are being grateful your visualising, mediating looking for signs but you’re still alone! What is going wrong?

Well in this article I want to discuss what I have found that people are doing wrong and how you can turn it around and find that soul mate.

So what is going wrong?  

Well, there is a large misconception when it comes to finding a soul mate or a partner and that a partner is there to complete us. We are just one half and you need the other half to feel complete.

You want a partner to love and cherish sure, but you want them to love and cherish you, you want them to validate you To make you feel loved and worthy. You want them to make you feel happy.

A golden rule to remember is that external things do not make us happy, happiness comes from within. It is when you find happiness within that you will start seeing the universe correspond to that emotion.

When you’re giving off that positive vibe you will start resonating with more things that you will be happy for including your soulmate.

Looking at it from psychological point of view when you think of your soulmate what are they like? Depressed or happy? Are they sure of themselves or always finding faults with themselves?

We naturally want to be around happy people if we are happy. If we are miserable we want to be around miserable people. Misery loves company!

You need to think of the emotional state your soulmate is and match that emotional state.

So how do you match that emotional state that frequency?

The way I look at attracting love is with a powerful metaphor. You need to think of love as a liquid and that you are a glass and the surface that the glass is on is a portal where your soulmate is on the other side.

In order to attract the soul mate on the other side of the portal  is to get the liquid (love) to touch the portal that the glass is resting on by filling up the glass and getting it to spill on the other side.

This metaphor is great because the subconscious mind loves metaphors. When you use this metaphor your communicating with the subconscious mind through images and visual descriptions.

As you know the subconscious mind creates your vibe and your life.

So if you look at attracting love from this standpoint. You know you’re going to have to fill the glass first. which in essence is you. You are going to have to fill yourself up with love for yourself so that it will spill into the portal (the universe).

So imagine filling the glass with love and imagine filling yourself with love for yourself. When I say love for yourself I mean that you accept yourself, you accept that you are whole and complete as you are. You accept your faults, quirks, and qualities that you admire.

Know that when you give yourself love for yourself your spilling love out to the universe attracting that soulmate to you.

Get to know yourself and what you value in life. Then get clear on what your soulmate is like visualize what attributes that they have. Send the intention to the universe, a good way of doing this is with another metaphor.

Cup your hands like your holding water and imagine that it is a ball of energy and that ball of energy is your desire. Get clear on your intention and then release your hands and imagine the energy ball rising up and going into the universe and becoming a part of the universe.

This is a great way of releasing your desires to the universe.

You then need to get into the flow of things and do things that resonate with yourself. Do things that you would do together and who knows when you’re doing those things your soul may just show up!

When the time comes to take action. Start off that conversation and see where it leads.

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