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the story I tell myself

the story I tell myself

So if you have read my previous post here you will know that you have to think like the person who naturally attracts what you want into your life. So I would say its day five of starting this blog. Whenever I think of where my life is heading which is quite frankly quite often, I remind myself that I have 10,000 readers a month and that I can make a living from this blog by changing people’s lives for the better.

I imagine that when I publish a post at least a hundred people will see it, I don’t look at my traffic stats because I’m still trying to lose myself in this new story. My aim is to condition my subconscious mind to believe that I get a hundred readers posts so it finds ways to make it happen.

Truth be told being in a positive, calm mindset I can think more clearly and I have bursts of inspiration. For example, sharing my blog article in facebook groups and pages that are about the law of attraction. I had the inspiration to create memes and they are doing very well.

I feel it helps to create positive posts that can change people’s lives for the better because then I can be grateful for changing people’s lives for the better and that gives me a purpose and a sense of accomplishment.

So today, the subconscious hack I am doing is consciously changing the story I tell my self. That I am in fact an influential blogger and entrepreneur. Whenever the old thought habits come in. I consciously reaffirm my new story. Until I lose my self in the story and I truly believe I am an influential blogger, because then I will truly think like one and I will start of thinking of new ways to attract more readers.

so that’s it for this post. The thing to take away. be the person who naturally attracts what they want into their life. Lose yourself in the story that you easily attract it into your life. So that you programme the subconscious mind and it finds a way to attract that life to you.

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