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the science behind the law of attraction

the science behind the law of attraction

Recently I wanted to know more about the law of attraction. I decided to Delve into finding the scientific proof behind it. So I could strengthen mine and your beliefs that what we are doing is working. And as it turned out a few quantum physicists truly believes that we create our reality with our thoughts.

If you have seen the secret you would have already realized that there was a few Quantum physicist already on the show. Teachers such as Fred Alan Wolf and John Hagelin.

As well as these, I also found other Quantum physicists and scientists who believe in the law of attraction as well. Such as Bruce Lipton, Travis S Taylor, and Joe Dispenza. Recently I’ve been following their work or how they have come to understand how our thoughts create our reality.

It turns out in the quantum world all possibilities exist. You see everything is made up of atoms, the atoms are made of electrons and electrons are made of energy. Everything is energy just like the secret said.

Now quantum physicist’s have found out that subatomic particles that makeup matter are in all states at once until you observe them. I know crazy,  right?

Scientists have even named these phenomena as the Observer effect. These phenomena were found in a famous experiment in 1901 called the double slit experiment.

Where they wanted to find out if light was a particle or a wave. What they found out was that observing the particles determine the result of the experiment. When observed the particle acted differently.

You can see a video here

Erwin Schrödinger created a thought experiment to explain how this phenomenon worked. He said that if you place a cat in a box, and put cyanide gas in a sealed vial.

That can only be released with a hammer And if you set the hammer up in such a way that it is only released if a radioactive substance has decayed the cat would have a 50/50 chance of staying alive in the box because the radioactive substance has a 50/50 chance of decaying and releasing the hammer.

Schrödinger said that unless you observe the cat that is in the box the cat is both alive and dead at the same time.

When they did the math, it turned out that it was possible that the cat is both alive and dead at the same time due to quantum law. (That all subatomic particles are in all states at once)

Now I know I thought it sounds far-fetched but I’m not one to argue with science, to find out more about this thought experiment you can read about it here.

These experiments show that all possibilities exist at the same time and that through the art of observation we cancel all other possibilities, therefore, showing one outcome. Now I don’t declare myself as a scientist this is only what I’ve read and watched but I do find it interesting.

That with quantum physics. The study of matter that makes everything from our bodies to the chair you may be sitting on. That we can influence the subatomic particles just by observing it.

Therefore showing that if we stay in an emotional state of already required the reality that we want we can change our reality with our thoughts.

I recently bought a course by Bob Doyle and Travis s Taylor called the science behind the secret. Travis S Taylor says that because we are made of of energy, our thoughts are energy too and when we have a thought it causes a quantum wave function that directly interacts with the universe due to the fact that the universe is simply energy.

Therefore to summarize the science behind the secret. Know that when we observe subatomic particles the building blocks of reality. We actually influence how they act as shown in the double slit experiment. And that as we are made of energy our emotions and thoughts send out a quantum wave function that directly interacts with the universe.

Therefore if we align our thoughts with what we want, rather than dwelling on what we don’t have. We influence reality in such a way that we attract our desires to us by our thoughts.

Now that is not to say that no action is required when you truly believe you already  have your desires you will get inspiration from the subconscious mind on what action to take.

Now I know this as been heavy reading, and some concepts are out there to say the least but if you really want to study the science behind the law of attraction I highly recommend the following books below.  



I also highly watching what the bleep do we know on youtube.

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