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Progress report: spike in traffic and social life

Progress report: spike in traffic and social life

Every Monday I am going to dedicate myself to writing a progress report on my current progress on using my subconscious mind and the law of attraction to guide my life.

I started this blog as an experiment to see if I could make the law of attraction work for me. You can see my first post on the experiment here.

My overall intention is to inspire 10,000 readers a month with my blog to help you and others change your thoughts and change your reality.

If you want to see other progress reports simply click progress reports in the menu.

So, on to today’s progress report. I am keeping up with my gratitude journal, adding to it each day. This keeps me focusing on the good in my life.

Whenever I have doubt I have my gratitude rock. I have a vision board and visualize daily on what I want using a powerful belief shifting exercise (going to create the post, this week) So what are my results?

I keep getting involved in Facebook groups and I got the inspiration to write the post on how to love your self and stop the feelings of loneliness. I posted it in one group and got 130 visitors! In one post.

My social life is also getting better, circumstances and events are starting to go my way. I feel happier and more in control and I keep getting inspiration on blog post ideas as well as how to reach more people.

so what can you take away from this post?

  • Get clear on what you want, write it down and define exactly what you want.
  • Believe you already have your desire,
  • set up my daily habits so that you align your subconscious mind with you desire.
  • note inspiration down and take action.
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