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progress report: Sleeping and achieving more

progress report: Sleeping and achieving more

So this is my first progress report since starting the experiment I started this blog on 24th of may and today is the 11th of June 2018.

The experiment 

So my experiment is to test the theory of the law of attraction and condition my subconscious mind for success. I want to build a blog that gets 10,000 readers a month.


My hypothesis is that when I expect and believe I will get 10,000 readers and I start imagining what that is like, my subconscious mind will start giving me inspiration for the next step to take to get 10,000 readers. When I am grateful for inspiring people with my blog I will attract them to my blog.

Results so far

So the thing I noticed is that I am getting a better nights sleep. I simply do this visualization exercise and listen to this subliminal audio and I go to sleep fairly quickly.

Before I used to get to sleep at around 3-4 in the morning.

I was worried about my direction in life and what I am going to do in life. This not just brought me down but I used to be in a state of worry and despair that my life was going nowhere.

I used to observe other people and be jealous and envious of their success, I felt depressed day today and had no motivation what so ever.

I used to just binge Netflix and go to work depressed and miserable.

since changing my focus, my work life has become better. I complete challenges they set me and my shifts get better, I have more motivation to follow my goals and aspirations by blogging more consistently while getting involved in the conversation more on numerous platforms.

With this motivation and inspired action, I start to drive traffic to my blog. I think of new ideas on how I can achieve this aim.

Most importantly, I feel happier in my self, more at ease and in control in my life. I know deep down that any successful person knew they were going to achieve their goals until they saw them through to the end. Otherwise, they would not have the motivation to see them through to the end.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.




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