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How to unlock the creative power that will make you rich!

How to unlock the creative power that will make you rich!

Shock and amazement came over peter. At seven it was safe to say he still looked at the world in amazement. What amazed peter today was the sight of what was before him.

It was just there silent with its beauty for all to see. It was simply an everyday object that he had seen many times before. It was simply a glass jar. But it wasn’t the jar itself that amazed Peter it was the contents. It was packed full of candy.

Peter rushed over and put his hand in and grabbed as many sweets as he could. But when he tried to take his hand out, he simply couldn’t the opening was too narrow to accommodate his hand and all the candy he had acquired.

He tried, again and again, to take his hand out of the jar while trying to get as many sweets as possible. He began to cry out. When his grandfather walked in to see what was going on. He could see the frustration on the boys face. Laughing he turned to the boy said ‘If you were satisfied with less candy you would be able to take your hand out’

This short story from a classic fable I tweaked teaches us that when we get frustrated for not having it all, Such as not having enough money to live our ideal lifestyle or just getting frustrated over lack of something, then the harder it is to acquire it. 

Then the more we resist and try harder and harder to change that situation the more frustrated we become.

Now, most people when they first hear about the law of attraction they immediately think I want to become rich!

But more often than not they have never seen the amount of money that they want to manifest and so they keep trying to manifest but this soon leads to frustration because there subconscious beliefs about money stop it manifesting.

They get more and more frustrated and their financial situation never changes.

So what’s the key? How do you unlock wealth?

Well like the little boy and the jar you can’t be frustrated when you can’t acquire enough wealth. Not only does it lower your vibration and emotional state but it also blocks the creative power of the subconscious mind.

In my own life, I’ve noticed when I have misplaced items and become frustrated it seems that the item in question mainly my keys etc have moved to a completely new dimension! It wasn’t until I stopped looking that It suddenly comes to me where it is!

But what a lot of people don’t know is that there is a hidden creative power inside all of us that allows us to tap into a creative power that unlocks the solution to all problems and an answer to all questions.

It is in your subconscious mind.

To unlock this creative power you must affirm that you already know the answer to the solution that you are seeking and be confident that the answer will be shown to you.

what’s going to happen is the subconscious mind – the most powerful computer on earth is going to start thinking of a solution.

Now even though this can apply to everything. In this post, I will explore how to unlock money making ideas on what you can investigate and take action on and make more money.

The thing that you need to do is to invest in a journal or notebook and then get into the mindset that you know how to make more money,

Then when you have inspiration write it down in the notebook.

Then research it! google it, read about it, watch about it on youtube and sure enough, you will start to formulate a plan to bring that idea to life.

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