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How I’m using rituals to create the life I want

How I’m using rituals to create the life I want

I remember when I was in an old job in sales, I wasn’t very confident, to be honest, I was a little shy and I was partnered up with a good sales rep, I was listening to his calls to hopefully get some inspiration. He starts talking to me and calls me out for my lack of confidence.

He goes ‘ You don’t believe in yourself do you’ I go ‘ not really I’ve been fired from every sales job I’ve had’ He told me I should listen and research a self-improvement guru called Tony Robbins.

Now I never heard of tony robbins but apparently, it helped bring in the sales for my new colleague at the time. Now It was this job I was learning about the law of attraction as well.

I angered a lot of people I cared about and I remember one screaming down the phone at me ‘ well you attracted all this with your damn negativity!’ so I thought I’m going to look at self-improvement books!

Books were my escape from reality, some use drugs, beer, gambling I used books. They tend to be cheaper plus I didn’t really have the money to gamble plus I never really wanted to. (plus I don’t care much for drugs)

So I read the book (the same 8-inch novel I was talking about in the first post) it was called ‘ Awaken the giant within’ by Tony Robbins. The book changed my life. I felt so much happier.

In the book, Tony talks about rituals. I don’t mean the ones from the occult, where you stand in a circle and channel energy ( i thinks that’s what they do, I’m not really an expert to be fair) But daily actions you can do that turn into habits.

Tony talks about how these rituals define people. For the CEO it may be waking up at 6 am and reading something inspirational. To the fitness trainer it maybe they work out at 7 am. The point is they do the same thing every day that defines them.

And I’m doing the same thing to reprogram my subconscious mind for success.

So If like me, you want to use the Law of attraction to bring everything into your life, feel free to follow my daily actions or rituals.

Morning – Gratitude

So the truth is I have all the secret books, shouldn’t really come as a big surprise since I’ve seen the film over 30 times. One of the books is called the magic. Now I’ve read it around three sittings. Which I know I’m not meant to do, ( I’m meant to do an exercise every day )  

So now I’m doing it properly. Every day I follow each of the tasks its sets me. I now have a gratitude journal where I write what I am grateful for and I add to it each day.

I also follow each of the gratitude exercises each day. To start to develop an attitude of gratitude. And to be fair it just makes me so much happier.

I mean even if the law of attraction didn’t work I would still do it because what’s the point of being miserable all day? There is just no point.

It deletes your energy and life just feels like a constant struggle. So I’m determined to develop the attitude of gratitude to just be grateful for the little things.

Throughout the day –

So as I go out through the day, go to the gym, go to work etc I challenge my automatic habitational thoughts. I develop a state of believing that I what I want is coming to me and it puts me in a happier state.

Night –

At night before I go to bed I read a chapter from a law of attraction book to reaffirm my belief it in. I also have a gratitude rock where I hold the rock and I feel for what I am grateful for, for that day and I pick the best one.

And finally I went to and got the law of attraction subliminal MP3 and I listen to it on my phone on a low volume while I’m sleeping.

So that’s pretty much my rituals at the moment. I’m going to add some more to a vision board and a slideshow presentation. So I can visualize what I want plus I’m going to do a  Visualization exercise.

I’ll keep you updated plus I’m creating a new category for my blog called Sub hacks where I will talk about each method in detail and how you can use it to manifest what you want.

So that’s it for today

Thank you so much for reading my posts

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