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How to turn a bad day around with Gratitude.

How to turn a bad day around with Gratitude.

So today I’m having a bad day so far anyway, I’m trying to get the word of my blog out with Facebook ads, But on my post I said ‘ from what I was saying on my facebook post’ and facebook flagged it and banned my ad. I removed it and resubmitted it and they banned it again! The feelings of disheartenment came. I felt p****d off to be honest!

Now you know how the saying goes ‘it’s one thing after another ‘ well it will be if I stay in this negative mood and start focusing on the things that continue to bring me down. You see when your annoyed your focusing on what is annoying you and then the Reticular activation system ( RAS) kicks in and finds more things to get annoyed at.

Before you know it, your having really bad day as one thing after another comes in and reinforces that mood. So what am I going to do to brighten up my mood and day?

The first thing I’m going to do is read my gratitude journal you can see my post on it here, Once I’ve neutralized my mood, I’m going to do focus on what I want and feel as if what I want has already happened. I’m going to visualize my FB ad being approved so I can inspire more people with my blog posts.

So if your having a bad day, grab a pad and a pen and write 20 things to be grateful for or read your gratitude journal. write how you want your day to be in past tense, so it’s like a diary and be grateful for it occurring and see your day improve.

so I created this post yesterday, and today’s gratitude challenge (7/6/18) is to use gratitude to get out of negativity.

So I’m going to use the FB ad as an example, the key is to find things to be grateful for in that bad situation. For example,

I am  grateful that I am alive in this time period so I can start a blog and share my message with the world

I am grateful that I am able to afford to host my own blog

I am grateful for thinking of inspirational posts to write each day

I am grateful that facebook exists so I can easily connect with people

I am grateful for facebook existing as it gives me the opportunity to spread my message

I am grateful that I can wake up each day and find the time to blog.

Already I feel a lot better, think of what is bringing you down and think of things to be grateful for and you change your focus, mood, and intention.

post update: my FB ad has been approved, time to inspire more people!

talk soon


Also, I am creating a community where we can all master the law of attraction together in my own facebook group. I will be doing polls where I will be asking what you want to learn and then I will create a post if you want to join my facebook group you can join here.


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