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A how-to in creating your life with your thoughts.
Be the person you want to become

Be the person you want to become

As you know to attract anything in life you need to think like you already have it. Let’s use wealth as an example, if you want to attract more wealth into your life you need to think of thoughts of wealth and you attract wealth into your life, right?

If you identify with someone who attracts wealth then yes you will. But the problem with this is, if you are trying to attract something that you are not used to, you may have found that it is hard to do. As it is not who you are.

Have you noticed how poor people struggle to attract wealth, but wealthier people who lose it all, just seem to get it back again and again?  Let’s say you want to attract more money into your life but you have only made enough to bet by for the last ten years or so.

Your subconscious beliefs will stop you manifesting more. But don’t worry after reading this you will learn how to attract more money into your life!

I bet when trying to attract more money into your life you think of the amount you want you even feel happy and grateful but deep down you will think, I can only make so and so a month because that is what I have always made.

It’s all about your Identity

We all have an identity, a story that we tell ourselves. You start to believe the story that you tell yourself and you become the story that you tell yourself. Are you working class, middle class, higher class?

That’s the story you tell yourself. To change anything in your life you need to change the story!

So how do you attract the unheard of in your life, how do you attract an unusual sum of money into your life?

You have to become the person who makes more money!

It sounds obvious doesn’t, You can’t just think of having more money, you have to think like the person who attracts more money.

So if you want anything in your life, think like the person who can easily attract that into their life. 

To attract more money, start thinking of more money, but when something comes along that reaffirms the old story that you tell yourself. Instead of going back to old thinking habits, and thinking LOA is not bringing me what I want. Think like the person who thinks money is easy to attract.

Be the person who attracts money into their life. Grab a notepad or a document on your laptop/PC. Write down how the new you thinks about the amount of money that you want to attract.

For example let’s say you want to attract $10,000 a month into your life, Whenever you have a bad thought about money, remind yourself that is the person that you used to be like, but now you can easily make more money and you’re on the right path to make more money because this is who you are. 

Once you start thinking that money is easier to get, over time the thoughts turn into beliefs and then you will genuinely start thinking differently,

you will start thinking outside the box more, you will think of ways to attract more money into your life. You will also start seeing opportunities that you didn’t see before. You will start to meet people who will help you on your way.

When you start thinking like the person who has what you want, you start to attract that into your life.

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